Central data management

Efficient distribution of company data

Central data management means that all templates (documents) and specifications (CI) are maintained and processed. Important company data, brands, company names, location data, design elements and even Outlook banners are permanently kept up to date. You don’t need to do anything for this, because
data maintenance is already included – we’ll be happy to do it for you. This saves you not only money, but above all valuable time.

Even your locations abroad are no problem for s.a.x. MasterLayout®. We maintain your data in all languages of the world, reliably and legally compliant.

s.a.x. MasterLayout® provides each employee
  • in their country
  • in their language
  • for their location
  • in the brand design/s approved for them

with exactly THEIR templates. This eliminates the “template jungle”, which after all ensures a better workflow!

Data management – central, efficient, simple.

Companies often have special requirements for data management.

Below you will find some excerpts from customer requests we have received concerning the Microsoft Office product family. We were able to implement these wishes without any problems.

Word templates
  • Template consolidation, e.g. 100 individual documents become only one document template (across brands and countries)
  • Simplified use and handling of Word (templates)
  • Individual documents with company logo etc. as standard template
  • Document classification
  • Dynamic .docx templates
Outlook signatures
  • Handling of email signatures on PCs and various mobile devices
  • Advice on the introduction of legally compliant signatures for all international locations (compliance with country-specific legal requirements)
  • If necessary, blocking the modification of company-relevant elements. Users are no longer able to change the uniform appearance.
  • Banner
  • Absence notes
PowerPoint Content Management System
  • Corporate design compliant layout
  • Diagram and color scheme handling
  • Style guides
  • Cross-brand design application
  • Migrate existing slides to new design
  • Check if slides are up to date
  • Slide library with sample slides
  • Connection to image and film databases (internal and external)
  • Security classification
These templates are requested regularly:

Process templates e.g.: Report Card Creation Tool, Research Report, Customer Service Documents, Board of Directors Templates, Country Specific Proposal Creation, Minutes from Outlook Files, Smart Documents, Interactive Document Templates, and many more.

  • Corporate design compliant diagrams
  • Legally correct company information
  • Uniform, centralized calculations and formulae
  • Only secure and signed macros
  • Security classification (e.g. secret) as mandatory

Security classes, ISO 2700x

Security stamp and connection to corresponding security software